“Between Us” translated into Dutch, Polish, and Chinese

“Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions” is reaching a broader audience with its recent translations into Dutch, Polish, and Chinese! This marks a significant step in making the book’s insights accessible to readers across the globe.  The Dutch translation is now available for pre-order as “De emoties tussen ons”, with its release scheduled for May 22, 2024. […]

New insights in how culture shapes how we feel

Culture influences the stories we tell ourselves about our emotions. Members of a community of hunter-gatherers, known as the Hadza, describe their experiences of emotion in a different manner than what is common in the West. For instance, when talking about emotions, Americans typically emphasize the mental experience, such as feeling anger or joy, whereas Hadza […]

Art exhibition Turning Heads (Dublin) – Facial expressions and emotions

Professor Mesquita is featured in the audio guide for the art exhibition Turning Heads, an exhibition exploring the human face, currently at the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin. In the audio guide, Mesquita offers a social-psychological perspective on several works, examining facial expressions and emotions, such as for the painting Laughing Boy by Frans Hals (depicted […]

Paperback release “Between Us”

We are excited to announce that the paperback edition of “Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions” is now available! This edition brings the book’s insights on the interplay between culture and emotions to an even wider audience. For the glowing reviews and to secure a copy, visit Batja Mesquita’s official website​​. © Between Us, 2024

Opening “Night of the Fury”

For the “Night of the Fury”, professor Mesquita is set to open the evening with a lecture on anger. She will explore the essence of anger, its origins, how it is expressed, and whether anger has cultural dimensions. The event aims to transform the often-misunderstood emotion of anger into a positive, creative, and empowering force […]

Interview in EOS Science Magazine

In the magazine EOS Science Psyche & Brain, professor Mesquita was interviewed about the influence of culture on emotions. Mesquita challenged the traditional view that emotions are universal and argued instead that emotions are shaped by cultural influences.  Shame, for instance, is seen in Chinese culture as a positive emotion because someone who feels shame […]

Book release

Batja Mesquita has published her new book on how cultures create emotions. You can find more info on the book and the enthusiastic reviews here.

Our project website has been launched!

We are proud to present our new project website. Here you will be able to find all of the information on the various projects and follow all of the project developments, news, publications, etc.