REACH seeks to contribute to our understanding of how emotions are constructed through relational engagements, and how they facilitate social coordination and cohesion.

April 3, 2024

“Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions” is reaching a broader audience with its recent translations into Dutch, Polish, and Chinese! This marks a significant step in making the book’s insights accessible to readers across the globe.  The Dutch translation is now available for pre-order as “De emoties tussen ons”, with its release scheduled for May 22, 2024....

March 19, 2024

Culture influences the stories we tell ourselves about our emotions. Members of a community of hunter-gatherers, known as the Hadza, describe their experiences of emotion in a different manner than what is common in the West. For instance, when talking about emotions, Americans typically emphasize the mental experience, such as feeling anger or joy, whereas Hadza...



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